The Alternatives to Violence Project

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Become an AVP Facilitator

Experience the joy of your own personal growth as well as making a difference in many other’s lives. The first step in becoming an AVP facilitator is to attend a basic AVP workshop. Click here for more detail on becoming a facilitator.

Sponsor a Workshop in your Community

Sponsor a workshop in your community. Sponsors provide a space for a community workshop, recruit workshop participants, provide workshop refreshments, and offer overnight hospitality if needed. Click here for more information on sponsoring a workshop.

Support an AVP Prison Program

A prison program is most effective when workshops are offered by local people in a nearby prison. Help to establish local community support for AVP in a nearby prison by: sponsoring community workshops to recruit new facilitators, provide overnight hospitality for out-of-town trainers, and provide donations for workshop refreshments.

AVP Facilitator (click here)

Sponsoring a Community Workshop (click here)